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GUARANTEE: Best quality is guaranteed

When you purchase a laminate floor from SWISS KRONO, we grant you the unrestricted statutory warranty provisions. In addition, you will receive an additional guarantee on the abrasion resistance of the surface valid from the date of purchase in accordance with the following provisions:

Guarantee prerequisites

Laminate flooring from SWISS KRONO must be checked for existing defects before and during its installation. Laminate flooring laid despite visible defects is excluded from the guarantee. Laminate flooring from SWISS KRONO must have been laid professionally in dry rooms according to its respective load class corresponding to the installation instructions. Floors installed in wet rooms are excluded from the guarantee. Abrasion marks must be clearly visible on an area of at least one square centimetre; in particular, the decorative layer must have been completely rubbed off. Abrasion points on the edges of the elements and damage from improper use, in particular damage caused by mechanical stress, are excluded from the warranty. SWISS KRONO laminate flooring must be regularly cleaned and maintained in accordance with the care instructions in order to maintain the guarantee. Any guarantee claims must be made to the dealer no later than 30 days after detection of abrasion and the original invoice must be presented. SWISS KRONO has the right to inspect the affected floor to check guarantee claims.

Guarantee services

In cases where the guarantee claim is valid, SWISS KRONO will replace the damaged elements. If the laminate floor concerned is no longer available, the buyer can choose a replacement of equivalent quality from the current SWISS KRONO range. As the value of laminate flooring is expected to fall by 10 per cent annually due to use, SWISS KRONO makes a replacement delivery dependent on a corresponding additional payment from the customer. Any liability for further damage, in particular consequential damage – such as costs associated with the installation, removal and transport of damaged SWISS KRONO laminate flooring – is excluded.

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