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Willisauerstrasse 37
6122 Menznau

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Group Head Talent & Performance Management

Christiane Heinzmann
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This year we celebrate 55 years of SWISS KRONO!

It was back in 1966 that Ernst Kaindl († 2017) founded the company as ‘AG für Holzindustrie’ in idyllic Menznau in the Lucerne hinterland. At that time, no one could have imagined that this commercial site would develop into an internationally important group of companies for wood-based materials within half a century. The Swiss site is the parent plant of the SWISS KRONO Group, whose products are exported to over 90 countries.

MADE IN SWITZERLAND: Whether it’s ecological wood materials for interior fittings, furniture and shopfitting, or high-quality laminate flooring, the products manufactured in Switzerland by SWISS KRONO AG can be found in use around the globe.

2021 will see us celebrate the 55th anniversary of our company. We would therefore like to invite you into our archives once a month to show you exactly what has changed for our company in over half a century of existence.

Story 1/4 - Logging

Where our value creation begins, our anniversary video series does too - with the logging.

A lot has changed here in the last 55 years, from laborious and dangerous manual work to automated processes, from horse-drawn carts to trucks and cable cranes. But what counts for us has remained the same - Swiss wood from Swiss forests!

Story 2/4 - Transport

Our Swiss wood goes on a journey – part 2 of our anniversary video series.

What started 55 years ago with horse and cart, we continue today with state-of-the-art trucks and emission-free GigaWood wagons. In this way, we transport several thousand tons of Swiss wood every year – as sustainably and flexibly as possible – to our plant in Menznau.

Story 3/4 - Production

Where Swiss wood becomes quality wood-based materials – part 3 of our anniversary video series.

After 55 years, we now produce around the clock many times the initial volume of quality products "Made in Switzerland". All thanks to ongoing expansion and investment in the most modern and energy-efficient production facilities in the world – right in the heart of Switzerland.

Story 4/4 - To the end product

From wood-based material to the end product – part 4 of our anniversary video series.

For 55 years, our decorative wood-based materials have been used for the entire range of interior construction. Which means that the wood from our Swiss forests can be found in the everyday lives of countless people today – certainly yours too! Every single end product made from SWISS KRONO wood-based materials enriches our lives – and the «SWISS MADE» trustmark guarantees quality products from Swiss production.