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BE.SAFE - The surface with antimicrobial effect

Pathogens find extremely clever ways to get from one person to another. Transmission can occur not only through the air or through direct physical contact, but also by adhering to surfaces that are touched by many people. This happens in everyday situations, for example at reception desks in shops and hotels, at tables or counters in bars and restaurants, but also in places such as daycare centres, schools or retirement homes.

Every year, countless people fall ill with viral and bacterial infections. In addition to the observance of hygiene measures, the surface quality of interior design elements also plays an increasingly important role in systematically addressing the problem. Surfaces that actively prevent the spread of pathogens can make an important contribution here.

First furniture surface with antimicrobial effect worldwide

Until now, only antibacterial surfaces were available on the wood materials market. The newly developed BE.SAFE surface from SWISS KRONO actively prevents the spread of pathogens. For this innovation, SWISS KRONO has collaborated with a company that is considered a pioneer in the development of materials and surfaces with antimicrobial properties.

The antibacterial effect is achieved solely by the thermoset-cured melamine surface. The additional antiviral property is achieved by including an additive when impregnating the paper. The virucidal additive remains in the surface and physically reacts with the envelope or capsid of the virus and inactivates it, so that the infectivity of viruses is reduced or completely eliminated. These two properties mean that BE.SAFE meets the requirements for antimicrobial certification by the Hohenstein Institute.

What is the difference between antimicrobial and antibacterial? You'll find answers to frequently asked questions in our BE.SAFE FAQs.

Variety of decors in the ONE WORLD Collection

All decors of the ONE WORLD Collection are available with the antimicrobial BE.SAFE surface on request. With BE.SAFE and the variety of ONE WORLD Collection decors, SWISS KRONO manages to combine two demands: the desire for individual interior design and the constantly increasing need for health protection indoors.