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The SWISS KRONO expert glossary explains important terms in the fields of wood construction, wood-based materials and wooden elements


Can’t see the forest for the trees anymore? We have provided you with brief explanations of several technical terms used in the production of wood-based materials so you will be optimally informed while navigating our website.

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Robert Freitag
Corporate Communications

Abrasion resistance

refers to the resistance of solid surfaces against mechanical strain, in particular friction


laminate should be stored for about 48 hours in the room in which it is laid. In this way, it adapts to the temperature and does not become warped during the laying process.

American Concepts

country-specific collection (flooring) from the USA


substances that prevent or weaken the static charging of objects


complete soaking of the OSB board with permanently effective insecticide and hence optimum protection against termites


top country-specific collection (flooring) from Poland


production location of the SWISS KRONO Group in the USA


one of three production locations of the SWISS KRONO Group in the Ukraine

Building materials

construction materials


compact density fibreboard coloured in black


about 80 percent of the raw materials along the entire value chain come from Switzerland and at least 80 percent of the added value remain in Switzerland.


continuous pressure laminate, created by continuously pressing several layers of paper with melamine, resulting in a laminated product

Cascaded utilization

raw materials or products made from them are used in chronological steps as long, frequently and efficiently as possible and utilised energetically only at the end of the product life cycle.


one of three production locations of the SWISS KRONO Group in the Ukraine

Circulation groove

notch on the undersurface of laminate flooring that supports the air circulation and therefore prevents mould formation

Click laminate

two panels can be joined without using any glue, the floor can be removed and laid again with a special tongue and groove combination.


production procedure in which an adhesive layer is applied to a workpiece. The coating may consist of thin, thick and several layers


high-quality country-specific collection (flooring) from Russia

Decor papers

printed melamine resin-soaked paper in wooden or single-colour design

Dew value calculation

made according to DIN 4108-3, which regulates the climate-based moisture protection and requirements, calculation procedures and information for planning and execution


are classified in the different classes E1, E2, E3 (E1 = lowest pollutant emission). The output of formaldehyde is measured. The formaldehyde content of the air is measured in “parts per million” (ppm). The permissible limit value is 0.1 ppm and should not be exceeded. Laminates from SWISS KRONO are of class E1 and are therefore regarded as pollutant-free.


stands for “forest stewardship council” and is an international certification system for forestry. Ten worldwide applicable principles ensure that wooden products with the FSC label come from responsibly managed forests.


inexpensive country-specific collection (flooring) from Poland

Fire protection

fire protection class B1 refers to flame-resistant building materials and products according to the DIN 4102-1 fire protection standard. It defines that the fire goes out itself after removing the fire source.

Flexible cavity insulation

vapour-permeable wooden fibre insulation material, ensures a good indoor climate due to moisture-regulating properties

Floating installation

floor that is not stuck onto the surface Chipboard panels: consist of wooden chips that are pressed together with binding agents under pressure and heat to form board-shaped construction and building materials.


refers to the entire business area of laminate flooring at the SWISS KRONO Group

Football fields

every day the SWISS KRONO GROUP produces laminate flooring of the size of 55 football fields.

Footfall insulation

laid under the laminate to reduce noise due to steps on the floor


our products make an active contribution to the preservation and maintenance of forest thanks to the sustainable use of the raw material wood.


used in the glue for woodworking, increasingly replaced by other substances

Friction class

determined by machining a test body with wheels covered with sandpaper. The test body is checked for abrasion every 100 turns. The unit is AC and the higher the value, the lower the abrasion is.

Grand Selection

high-quality country-specific collection (flooring) from Switzerland


high-density fibreboard with a density of above 800 kg per cubic metres


high-pressure laminates, extremely resistant surface, laminate product


sense of touch, shapes printed onto laminates are made perceptible


production location of the SWISS KRONO Group in Germany

ISO 14001

The international environmental management standard defines worldwide approved requirements for an environmental management system.

KRONOTEX flooring collection

country-specific collection (flooring) from Germany


one of three production locations of the SWISS KRONO Group in the Ukraine


low-density fibreboard


high-density fibreboards (HDF) are used as basis. Attractive decor paper is pressed onto them, which is protected against mechanical damage by an abrasion-resistant, sturdy protective film. A compact, fine film on the underside protects the wooden core from moisture.


connection of several layers of the same or different materials with a suitable lamination agent (varnish, glue, wax)


medium-density fibreboard of at least 600 kg per cubic metre


resin for the coating of wooden materials, with high surface hardness, high abrasion resistance and good flame resistance


production location of the SWISS KRONO Group in Switzerland

ONE WORLD collection

international brand for furniture and interior design


oriented strand boards, made of long, lean chips. They are arranged crosswise in two cover layers and a middle layer and therefore exhibit very high bending strength.


transparent sheet, protects decor paper from mechanical influence

PE foam

very fine-pored foam, used for underlays for footfall and room insulation


stands for “programmes for the endorsement of forest certification schemes” and is an international forest certification system.


polymer diphenylmethane diisocyanate, adhesive used in the woodworking industry, which is formaldehyde free and hydrolysis resistant (against permanent influence of moisture)


board for wall and ceiling coverings


country-specific collection (flooring) from Poland

Post-forming elements

the laminate is deformed continuously over the front edge to create a seamless appearance, extremely resistant.


for priming

Private labels

individual collections for major customers in the original quality of the SWISS KRONO Group

Raw material

laminate flooring of the SWISS KRONO Group consists to 90 percent of wood that comes from sustainably managed forests.


country-specific collection (flooring) from Switzerland


compact density fibreboard coloured in black


the SWISS KRONO Group is represented by the trade partner in 121 countries.

Schöner Wohnen (living in style)

licensed brand (flooring)


production location of the SWISS KRONO Group in Russia

Spoilt for choice

the SWISS KRONO Group provides hundreds of decors in the flooring area as well as an enormous selection in the interior area. An almost infinite selection of combination options is created in combination with different lengths, widths and thicknesses.

Stabilising layer

resin-impregnated papers applied to the underside of laminate which compensate (tension) the overlay and decor paper on the top


long and narrow chips for the production of OSB panels


covering with timber


production location of the SWISS KRONO Group in France

Support boards

all types of wooden composite boards that can be coated, usually HDF for laminate flooring


country-specific collection (flooring) for the commercial area from Russia

Synchronous decor

appearance and impression coincide, can be barely distinguished from solid wood

Thick edge

rounded edge, usually used for kitchen worktops

Tongue and groove

name for the edge profiles of wooden boards, which are used as a plug connection for which no glue or nails are required

U value

heat transition coefficient (previously k value). It specifies how high the thermal loss due to a multi-layer material layer is. The lower the U value, the better the insulation effect


insulating support layer, laid between the floor and laminate for sound insulation

Utilisation classes

the DIN EN 13329 standard classifies laminate products and is intended as means of orientation for the customer. The utilisation classes are used to classify the laminates according to their resistance: abrasion, shock resistance, light fastness. Which laminate is to be used appropriately for which location of usage is also recommended – for instance commercial areas or private dry and/or wet rooms.

Vapour barrier

protective sheath for wall and ceiling insulation which prevents water vapour from being adsorbed by the insulation material

Vapour diffusion

peak moisture can be adsorbed by the room air, which allows the walls to dry out towards the inside

Villeroy & Boch

licensed brand in the premium area (flooring)


production location of the SWISS KRONO Group in Hungary

Wooden material

wood is shredded and then usually reshaped with binding agents to produce wooden materials.


production location of the SWISS KRONO Group in Poland