The SWISS KRONO Group was founded by Ernst Kaindl († 2017) in 1966 in the Swiss municipality of Menznau. His daughter Ines Kaindl is the second generation to run the company as Chairwoman of the Board of Directors. In addition, Dr. Wilhelm Hörmanseder and Marco Syfrig are members of the Board of Directors.

The operating businesses are run by the Executive Committee under leadership of

  • Martin Brettenthaler, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) / President of the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee comprises

  • Beat Stebler, Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • Roland Kovacic, Chief Technical Officer (CTO)
  • Max von Tippelskirch, Chief Strategy and Communication Officer (CSCO)
  • Georg Mäder, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer (CSMO)

The Group is organised as a matrix: Ten plants in eight countries are organised according to country-specific legal regulations with a Management Board and corresponding management hierarchies. The Managing Directors of the national subsidiaries report to the CEO. The Executive functions under leadership of the respective member of the Executive Committee functionally manage the corresponding tasks and roles in the plants of the Group.