Production with Self-Grown Wood Kicks Off

12.06.2023 | News | SWISS KRONO Hungary

Six years ago, we came up with the idea of using our own wood for making our engineered wood products. We began investigating, gathering information and discussing possibilities, and eventually came up with a solution: we would plant trees ourselves. We hunted for usable areas and selected and planted various appropriate Populus tree species on them. As a result, we are now producing part of our valuable raw materials ourselves. On one of the plots, spanning 22 hectares, we planted 26,400 seedlings. And in November 2022 we began harvesting. The 5,684 cubic metres of wood obtained that year were converted into 1,333 cubic metres of OSB. This alone diminished our annual carbon footprint by 1,249 tonnes. Each year we produce more than 336,600 cubic meters of OSB and ecoWALL at our facility, sequestering more than 314,300 tonnes of carbon dioxide in the process. The University of Sopron in Hungary calculated the amounts of sequestered CO2 to determine our annual footprint. It concluded that our carbon footprint is considerably smaller than those of other producers of construction materials. This is an outstanding result for us as a manufacturing firm, impressively illustrating our ability to achieve major climate protection and sustainability targets with courage and partnership.

More information on our activities to help safeguard the climate and environment is available in this article published by SWISS KRONO Hungary.