SWISS KRONO Kft. Hungary

Founded in 1987 with its head office in Vásárosnamény, the former INTERSPAN Faipari Kft. (Wood Industry Ltd.) operates today as SWISS KRONO Kft. Hungary, part of the SWISS KRONO GROUP, and the company’s first premises outside Switzerland. SWISS KRONO Kft. Hungary initially specialized in the production of natural fibreboard and plywood suitable for the manufacturing of furniture and other interior furnishings.

Recently, the demand for high quality OSB products has significantly increased on the international market - and SWISS KRONO Kft. has responded to the challenge. Since June 2016, the only Hungarian OSB manufacturer has been producing the version SWISS KRONO OSB 3 board. With an annual OSB board production of 300,000 m³, SWISS KRONO Kft. Hungary serves new, internaGonally significant markets quickly and reliably.

The new Siempelkamp equipment uses the most modern production technologies at the Vásárosnamény premises. The 2.80 m x 28.80 m format, state-of-the-art ContiRoll® press produces the KRONO OSB 3 boards in an endless process. This allows first-class quality and a significant improvement in the thickness tolerance.

SWISS KRONO Kft. Hungary produces modern, health-friendly and environmentally friendly raw materials from natural raw material - wood - using environmentally friendly adhesive, which satisfy even the strictest environmental requirements. The wood raw materials are produced practically with CO2-neutral technology. The Hungarian experts sell all the raw materials almost completely, including their use for energy purposes. At the premises in Vásárosnamény, all the production waste, e.g. the bark or the shavings from the shredding are converted into electrical energy in a special biomass power plant.

SWISS KRONO Kft. first serves the markets of Hungary and the neighbouring countries with the SWISS KRONO OSB 3 and OSB 3 sensitive products. Moreover, it is expanding into Western and South-Eastern European markets with the OSB segment of the SWISS KRONO GROUP, and with some special products also into the Asian markets.

SWISS KRONO Location Hungary