SWISS KRONO OSB/3, N + F - ContiFinish®, CE

For faster and simpler installation glued without formaldehyde: The attractive, mixed wood solution for jointless installation

The CE-certified wood materials by SWISS KRONO Kft. are manufactured sustainably according to EN 13986 and EN 300. Like the SWISS KRONO OSB/3, the OSB/3 N + F is made of mixed wood and is a cost-efficient product for load-bearing and stiffening purposes. It guarantees easy, jointless installation due to its 4-sided tongue-and-groove connection. With the ContiFinish® surface, it is also designed for damp areas as well. Despite its lightweight build, the SWISS KRONO OSB/3 N + F remains dimensionally stable and catches the eye with its outstanding strength.

Product Information

OSB/3 N + F board with ContiFinish® surface

Made of poplar and spruce, the board is designed for normal stress and guarantees easy processing thanks to its 4-sided tongue-and-groove connection. It is equally perfect for DIY enthusiasts and can be processed using any standard woodworking equipment like hand-held circular saws. SWISS KRONO OSB/3 N + F is a great choice for many applications due to its remarkable strength.

Areas of application

Whether it is ceiling panelling, roof boarding, wall panelling, floors or flat roof construction – the OSB/3 N + F is suitable for a broad range of uses. Besides its use in timber construction, this mixed wood board is a convincing choice with its extraordinary versatility for many other applications like furniture making or in the packaging industry. Additional sealing with a vapour barrier is not necessary if SWISS KRONO OSB is used as a diffusion suppressor for the interior panelling of outside walls!

  • Panelling for outside areas not exposed to the elements
  • Ceiling panelling
  • Roof boarding (to replace battens)
  • Stiffening for the roof panel
  • Interior fit-out
  • Wall panelling
  • Floors
  • Floor refurbishments
  • Dry flooring/dry screed
  • Shelf construction
  • Furniture
  • Decorative uses
  • Packaging, also for export to China, Australia and elsewhere

Various installation plans

  1. Wood or PU glue
  2. Vapour barrier
  3. 10 mm gap to the wall
  4. Installed with at least 400 mm offset