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Build with natural wood

SWISS KRONO Building Materials – Build with natural wood

Before you consider the arrangement of designs and interiors of living rooms or business spaces, you need to lay the foundations. If a building is still a construction site in the shell phase or is going through the process of a restructure/renovation, robust and resistant construction materials are required. With our building materials range, we offer wood-based materials so that any work on furnishings and interiors or in structural wooden construction is characterised by quality, reliability and aesthetics.

Diverse range of chipboards with high workmanship

The SWISS KRONO construction portfolio supplies the perfect wood panels for a range of purposes. We provide:

  • Raw chipboard subfloor boards
  • High-tech OSB boards
  • Medium-density fibreboard (MDF)
  • High-density fibreboard (HDF)

Some of our boards are highly specialised in terms of their properties, which you can see in our OSB boards. The rough board made from natural wood, also known as oriented strand board, is not only decorative and bend proof; depending on the design, it is bonded without formaldehyde, has low swelling properties and is perfect for wet rooms. In addition, we also make them in models that are sure to impress thanks to their termite resistance, that are exceptionally resilient in the form of compact wood boards, or that are available as a long-board variant in lengths of up to 18 metres.

Resistant wood-based materials for constructing roofs, floors and walls

Our MDF boards offer a similar variety of properties. In addition to the all-rounders, which are suitable for all applications that push solid wood or other wood-based elements in furnishings and interiors to their limits, we also provide special versions. Depending on the type, they are perfect for bracing walls or for use as underlay in roof construction. Durable and easy to machine, a variant with tongue-and-groove connections is available, along with an additional MDF wooden board that has been specially designed to suit the requirements of the panel industry.

Our raw chipboard subfloor boards are also characterised by their easy-to-maintain properties and simple assembly. With triple glazing (a stable middle layer surrounded by two fine cover layers) and a selection of different formats and thicknesses, our range offers everything you could possibly want to get kitted out in line with your requirements.