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The New SWISS KRONO Feel-Good House

21.04.2022 | Новини | SWISS KRONO Germany

To give you a better picture of our SWISS KRONO products and system modules, we’ve “built” an interactive digital model house: the SWISS KRONO Feel-Good House. It lets you explore the various types of OSB boards and a wide range of modules for ceilings, walls and roofs in detail.

In short videos (A, B and C), the house is zoomed in on or rotated to reveal details and let you look at it from different sides.  

With individual products and intelligently designed, tried-and-tested system modules, we have created simple solutions to meet future challenges for modern, energy-efficient construction and refurbishment. From the classic SWISS KRONO OSB/3 and OSB/4 across the flame-resistant SWISS KRONO OSB/3 SF-B all the way to the MAGNUMBOARD® OSB solid timber construction system, you’ll find all of our products meaningfully used in the house. Their properties and benefits can be viewed using their numbers – simply click on the line beneath each graphic!

Ten example modules demonstrate how optimally insulated and architecturally sophisticated feel-good houses can be assembled from highly specialised, coordinated wall, floor and roof modules.

Take a look – experience the SWISS KRONO Feel-Good House!