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Laminate flooring for underfloor heating - what should be taken into account when choosing?

Underfloor heating is a solution that is becoming more and more popular in Polish houses and apartments every year. This is hardly surprising - it guarantees high thermal comfort and optimal temperature distribution for the body. Contrary to appearances, not only ceramic tiles can be laid on underfloor heating. A good alternative to them can be laminated panels. What to follow when choosing them? What is underfloor heating and what are its advantages? Underfloor heating is connected to the heat source by pipes placed in the floor screed. They can be laid, among other things, in a loop and meander pattern. We can deal with their homogeneous and multilayer versions. Underfloor heating also includes moisture insulation, edge insulation, thermal insulation and manifold. What is related to the ever-growing popularity of this type of heating? As already mentioned, it provides due thermal comfort and optimal temperature distribution - it is lower below the trunk and higher at the feet. In houses or apartments where underfloor heating has been installed, the air is not as dry as in interiors with traditional radiators. Very It works well for people suffering from asthma and allergies (this is due to the absence of airborne dust). The undoubted advantages of underfloor heating also include lower consumption of the heating medium than in the case of radiators, as well as aesthetic appearance (the installation of this type is invisible, so it does not affect the appearance of the arrangement).Ideal panels for underfloor heating - so what kind? How do panels for underfloor heating differ from traditional products of this type? What distinguishes them is that they are resistant to temperature fluctuations. A big influence on the stability of the floor is the core of the floor - that is, the HDF board. The most key parameter, in turn, is the thickness of the product in question. In the case of "flooring" it is important that the panels are as stable and resistant to deformation as possible, but at the same time not too thick. The optimal thickness for flooring for underfloor heating is 10 mm. It will allow the right combination of flooring stability and heat conductivity. When choosing laminate panels for underfloor heating, it is also worth taking into account several other parameters. One of them is the abrasion class. It is denoted by the symbol AC. The higher the number following it, the more abrasion resistant the product is. Panels for underfloor heating should have an abrasion class of at least AC4. This type of flooring is durable, resistant to mechanical damage, such as scratches, and what's more - you can walk on it with hard shoes without worry. No less important parameter is the utility class. It refers to the resistance to impact, abrasion, moving furniture, moving chairs on wheels and the effect of cigarette embers. The utility class is determined on the basis of the European standard EN 13329. According to it, laminate panels can have one of six utility classes. They are denoted by numbers from 21 to 33. The first refers to the type of room (2 - residential, 3 - public utility), the second - the level of intensity of use of the floor in the room (1 - low, 2 - medium, 3 - high). The ideal panels for underfloor heating are those whose utility class is between 21 and 32. "It is also worth mentioning that the new line of water-resistant floors AURUM AQUA ZERO 72 h, and PLATINIUM AQUA BLOCK 24 h from KRONOPOL are ideal for underfloor heating. All thanks to the HDF board used in them with greater resistance to moisture and the special Aqua Pearl lock. The heat resistance coefficient for 10 mm thick floors is only 0.082 m2*k/W," explains Aleksander Czaplicki, the company's marketing manager. What kind of underlayment for panels works best for underfloor heating? In order for laminate panels for underfloor heating to properly perform their function, they must be laid on a suitable underlay. The ideal product of this type should conduct heat well. A quartz mat will work well here. It guarantees low thermal resistance, and therefore high heating efficiency. Moreover, it is dense and resistant to stress. Underlay for floor panels should be about 2 mm thick. Only then will it be able to guarantee good heat conduction. Underfloor heating is a recommendable, energy-efficient solution that will work well in any interior, providing adequate thermal comfort. Laminate panels with appropriate parameters, such as abrasion and utility class, can be successfully laid on it. KRONOPOL laminate floors, also waterproof, along with the necessary accessories, are available in good stores located throughout Poland. "To find a place where you can see and buy our panels, just use the convenient tool on our website by clicking the "where to buy" tab. - all you need to do is enter the city, give the address and the system will indicate the nearest KRONOPOL panel sales point," adds Aleksander Czaplicki.