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Freedom of design

Interior door color to match the walls, floor, furniture or window frames? This important decorative element of furnishings must, above all, match the style of the interior and at the same time be functional. Consistent colors, available collection of HPL laminates and materials for furniture in SWISS KRONO gives great design possibilities, and makes it easy to match furniture and door designs.

Choosing a door decor has never been so easy!


We have already been trusted by the largest door producers in Poland and abroad


SWISS KRONO HPL FLEX - is a material that shows very good properties in the postforming process, which makes it ideal as a decorative laminate for cladding door sections (such as door frames). Due to its multilayer structure, its surface is hygienic and much more resistant than other decorative materials (such as decorative film). HPL FLEX laminate is an economically attractive choice, while maintaining the special properties of the laminate.




Antibacterial properties

All SWISS KRONO HPL laminates have antibacterial properties. Such properties mean that bacteria do not grow on their surfaces. Antibacterial activity tests have been performed in accordance with ISO 22196:2011 against two bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli), and their results confirm that the HPL surface inhibits the growth of microorganisms.


SWISS KRONO HPL FLEX should be cleaned with a damp, soft cloth or sponge, with commercially available cleaning agents, such as a solution of dishwashing liquid. After washing with ordinary cleaning products, the laminate should be washed with clean water and wiped dry to obtain a smooth surface without streaks. Before using any cleaner, read the attached description to make sure it is suitable for that type of surface. Do not use cleaners that contain aggressive or corrosive substances or agents that contain abrasive or glossy additives, as they may permanently damage the surface of the laminate. Larger dirt, such as from a marker, nicotine, nail polish or shoe polish, should be removed with spirit or an organic solvent (such as acetone), and then the laminate surface should be washed with clean water and wiped dry. SWISS KRONO HPL is resistant to most substances that can cause stains, such as milk, tea, coffee, wine, syrups. Despite such high performance of HPL, it is recommended to remove residues of the mentioned products from the surface.




SWISS KRONO HPL FLEX formats available only on request:




Unit of measurement 


1300 250 000  0,2 mm roll*
2060 250 000 0,2 mm roll*

 *maximum roll diameter 400 mm, core diameter 150 mm

Technical and performance properties of laminates SWISS KRONO HPL FLEX

Property Unit of measurement Requirement Test method
Thickness tolerance mm 0,2  ± 0.05 EN 438-2.5
Length tolerance mm +10 / - 0 EN 438-2.6
Width tolerance mm +10 / - 0 EN 438-2.6
Scratch resistance N ≥ 2 EN 438-2.25
Abrasion resistance rotation IP ≥ 15, IP + FP/2 ≥ 60 EN 438-2.10
Resistance to wet heat (100°C) degree ≥ 3 EN 438-2.18
Resistance to dry heat (160°C) degree ≥ 3 EN 438-2.16
Resistance to staining degree

group 1 and 2 = 5; 

group 3 ≥ 4

EN 438-2.26
Light resistance (xenon lamp) gray scale ≥ 4 EN 438-2.27
Steam resistance degree

glossy surfacee ≥ 3; 

other surfaces ≥ 3

EN 438-2.14


L a

≥ 3 EN 438-2.31
Formaldehyde emissions   Class E1 EN 717-1