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The prestigious Diamond of Furniture 2023 Award for the BLACK WOOD Worktops

Noticias | SWISS KRONO Polonia

The specialists from SWISS KRONO POLAND have developed an extraordinary worktop that has already won the praise of designers, users, and the jury of a prestigious competition. Extremely thin, light, easy to form, design, extremely stable and resistant, with antibacterial properties. It will prove its usefulness in kitchen decoration and will enhance bathroom interiors.

Ultra-thin worktops with exceptional durability

Whatever happens in furniture trends, worktops must be robust. SWISS KRONO Żary has decided to make them more subtle and has created ultra-thin BLACK WOOD worktops that are only 12 mm thick, yet extremely robust and durable. BLACK WOOD worktops are ideal for use in the most demanding environments: kitchens, high-humidity areas such as bathrooms, and even public interiors such as kindergartens.

Interior design in every style

The ultra-thin worktops emphasize the character of any interior. There is a choice of twelve decors: single-color, including subtle pistachio or toffee, wood-effect and stone imitation, including trendy terrazzo or elegant grey stone. The new product can be used not only as a typical kitchen worktop, but also as a bathroom worktop, a table in a fancy shape or a kitchen wall facing (so-called backsplash). The ultra-thin BLACK WOOD worktop will give any interior a unique lightness and elegance.

Design and easy to work with

The new worktops are based on a very dense wood based HDF fiberboard, dyed black in the mass. As a result, they not only have a subtle appearance, but are also extremely designer-like. The black distinctive edge of the worktops does not need to be edged, giving the worktop an original and unusual look. They can easily be cut into any shape using ordinary carpentry tools. The smooth, black edges are simply protected with wax.

Durable, ecological, and health-safe worktops for kitchens and other interiors

BLACK WOOD worktops are extremely durable, resistant to heat, dirt, and mechanical damage such as abrasion and scratches. They are also resistant to light, so they will not fade. Like many other SWISS KRONO products, they have antibacterial properties that are not only useful in the kitchen. They are also ecological as a wood-based product and safe for health. However, what distinguishes this new product most from standard worktops is above all its moisture resistance, flame retardancy and designer appearance.

It is this accumulation of exceptional qualities in one product that made BLACK WOOD worktops appreciated by the competition jury and awarded the Diamond of the Furniture Industry 2023, which is one of the most valued polish recommendations for users in the industry.