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"Don't worry about the floor"

Noticias | SWISS KRONO Poland

On the eve of Mother's Day, SWISS KRONO covered the floor with AURUM waterproof panels in the flower shop of well-known influencer, Ania Kwiaciara. The aim of the event was to show live how these floors handle extreme exploitation. The activity was a part of an advertising campaign carried out by our company under the slogan "Don't worry about the floor", which presents advantages of floors from the AURUM line, i.e. abrasion resistance, antibacterial properties and 72-hour water resistance.

The tests were very successful, additionally, the floor created a pleasant atmosphere of the interior and homeyness, which was noticed by all the flower buyers on that day.

The floor was marked with the words: Give your mother flowers and don't worry about the floor, and on the front door: Such flowers only with SWISS KRONO.

We invite you to watch a short film of this unusual and very nice event.