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The Integration Picnic at SWISS KRONO Polska entitled: Together is a good thing

News | SWISS KRONO Poland

The future is ecology, but at SWISS KRONO POLSKA we believe that the future is also family and acting together.

On 11 June 2022, the SYRENA stadium in Żary hosted a family integration picnic for SWISS KRONO Polska employees entitled "Together is a good thing". More than 2,000 people took part in the fun.

Plenty of attractions were prepared for the guests. There were workshops, physical activities, tasty refreshments, competitions and an illusionist's show. This came about all in an excellent atmosphere and accompanied by good music. Children attendees could not complain of boredom, as special games and play areas were prepared for them, including: the longest ninja warrior track in Poland, a tent with LEGO bricks, and inflatable balls on water. The tents with board games and an air rifle range were the most popular. The most important thing, however, was the integration of SWISS KRONO Polska employees - the opportunity to get to know one another, - the chance to talk and have fun together.

- We are a big family, we need good communication and getting to know each other well, which contributes to a better atmosphere at work, and then work itself becomes a pleasure. Moments like these are very important to me. The fact that we can be together on a picnic shows how important relationships are, and how being together releases a lot of good energy and fun - especially when we remember the difficult experiences of the pandemic, when we missed meeting together so much,' said Dr Marcin Luty, CEO of SWISS KRONO sp. z o.o., at the opening of the picnic.

One of the integrating tasks was a contest consisting in assembling a picture from a randomly selected jigsaw puzzle. At the entrance, each family received one such puzzle, and in order to assemble the whole picture, they had to find two missing pieces, or actually find two other families who had them. The task was not easy, but it gave the participants a lot of fun.  The families who completed the task without errors received valuable prizes.

Before noon, at 11.00 a.m., in the nearby Green Forest in Żary, 30 daredevils took part in the 5 km run for the Cup of the President of SWISS KRONO Polska. However, the order at the finish line was not the most important thing, what counted was good fun and time spent together. The winner among women was Agata Narejko, and among men, Bartosz Grzegorczyk.


The well-known and popular cabaret performer, Igor Kwiatkowski, the rock and folk band, ENEJ, and DJ MIKE with a repertoire of electro music presented their show on the stage.

During the picnic, the employees of SWISS KRONO Polska presented their hobbies: Mr Mirosław Janiszewski - exhibited more than 80 pictures painted by himself, Mr Ryszard Rasztubowicz (retired employee of SK PL) - firearms, and Mr Łukasz Wojtowicz - presented paragliding and talked about sky-gliding.

The picnic did not lack magic, thanks to a real illusionist.

During the picnic, we achieved another important goal. We collected a huge amount of bottle tops for Julia Kołodziejczyk under the Association Żar Serca, a little fighter suffering from Patau syndrome. The bottle tops when cashed in will allow her to continue the rehabilitation she has started. We keep our fingers crossed for Julia.

We are very happy that so many of our employees came to the integration picnic and we thank you for playing together. It is clear that everything goes well in the SWISS KRONO family.