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What is the thermal resistance of floor panels?

The thermal resistance (R) of laminate floor panels depends on their thickness. Detailed data for KRONOPOL panels are shown in the table:

Panel thickness Thermal resistance (R)
7 mm 0.054 m2*K/W
8 mm 0.066 m2*K/W
10 mm 0.082 m2*K/W
12 mm 0.099 m2*K/W

Worth remembering:

All KRONOPOL panels are suitable for rooms where underfloor heating is used (both water and electric, as well as infrared heating mats). Manufacturers of heating systems allow floor coverings with a maximum thermal resistance of up to 0.15 m2*K/W. The lower the thermal resistance, the faster the floor will heat up, but the thicker the panel, the longer it will hold the temperature.