New Market Study: Timber Construction Is Advancing – But Too Slowly


October 2023 – The German COALITION for TIMBER CONSTRUCTION (KfH) recently published the first comprehensive study on the use of wood as a sustainable building material in Germany and presented it at the 2nd Parliamentary Symposium in Berlin in September 2023. The market survey was carried out to assess the current importance and market share of sustainable building with wood on the basis of a consistent dataset.

Although more timber structures are being approved and completed in Germany, the country still lags behind the rest of Europe in this regard. Even including construction projects which are planned through 2028, a mere 3.3% of the total involve timber. ‘We urgently need a practicable plan for significantly boosting this figure’, says Max von Tippelskirch, CSCO and management board member of the SWISS KRONO Group. ‘As a member of the COALITION for TIMBER, we support building with wood and actively advocate strengthening its status both strategically and politically in order to bring about the so urgently needed turning point in the construction sector.’

Within the scope of the study, project developers and investors were asked to assess the current relevance of wood as a building material. Their answers revealed that the largest barrier, by a large margin, is the supposedly higher costs of timber construction. ‘We can refute this argument with highly efficient modular and serial building approaches’, says von Tippelskirch. ‘To overcome these stubbornly persistent misconceptions and prejudices, we need to devote significantly more work and campaigns to educating people and sharing relevant knowledge and information. For a long time now, high-tech construction products made from wood, a renewable raw material, have been available which are every bit as good as conventional building materials in terms of structural strength, fire resistance and soundproofing.’ The three main arguments in favour of timber construction are:

  1. Renewable raw materials (sustainability)
  2. Better carbon footprint (climate protection)
  3. Faster construction

‘It’s important to explain these benefits more emphatically than has so far been the case’, says von Tippelskirch.

The study can be downloaded here (in German only):   



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