SWISS KRONO Makes a Splash at DACH+HOLZ (ROOF+TIMBER) International 2022


July 2022 – The motto that SWISS KRONO chose for this year’s DACH+HOLZ International was “See you again in Cologne!” After the long break necessitated by the pandemic, the engineered wood maker was eager to show its face at the fair and directly interact with customers and other interested parties face to face again.

The gig at DACH+HOLZ also coincided with the final act of the 2022 SWISS KRONO Summer Roadshow. “We’re very pleased with how well our first roadshow has gone,” says Uwe Jöst, Head of OSB Sales of the SWISS KRONO Group. “We crisscrossed Germany with the MAGNUMBOARD® OSB show module, driving a total of more than 2,500 kilometres and holding afternoon events with informative yet entertaining product presentations at a number of dealers. A total of more than 2,000 people attended them. We’ll definitely continue this campaign next summer.”

At DACH+HOLZ the MAGNUMBOARD® OSB show module is integrated in the firm’s fair stand, serving as a special kind of showroom. This full-scale timber construction module exerts a powerful attraction on visitors. People entered it every day of the fair to learn about this solid timber construction system. Again and again, attention focused on two topics in particular: fire protection and acoustic insulation. SWISS KRONO has answers for both. Ift Rosenheim has just issued an F60-B fire protection test certificate for a prefabricated 125-millimetre-thick MAGNUMBOARD® OSB wall construction with integrated cable conduits and cavity wall sockets. And this is just one example of many which illustrate the uses of this timber construction system for fire protection. Confirmed acoustic insulation values for various wall and ceiling modules made with MAGNUMBOARD® OSB prove that even the most demanding requirements can be met with them.

There was also enormous interest in SWISS KRONO OSB/3 sensitive, which is made from wood from Populus tree species and helps reduce emissions to improve indoor air quality. For especially critical applications, it’s the ideal engineered wood product. Several new day-care centres for children which were recently built in Berlin provide good examples of this. When commissioning the MOKIB (a German acronym for “modular day-care structures for Berlin”) project, the Senate of Berlin (the executive body which governs the city of Berlin) stressed the importance of ensuring good indoor air quality. SWISS KRONO OSB/3 sensitive was therefore chosen for building the two-storey modular timber structure.

At the fair, SWISS KRONO also showcased its eco-friendly BE.YOND ecoWALL panels for the first time in Germany. Produced in SWISS KRONO’s factory in Vásárosnamény, Hungary, they make it possible to very flexibly configure walls. A large selection of decors, ranging from minimalistic graphics all the way to opulent aquarelle-like motifs, are available for flexibly implementing current interior decorating trends as well as completely original designs.

“Although DACH+HOLZ was slightly smaller this year, it was definitely a success for us,” says Jöst. “We were very pleased to see many familiar faces again. Overall the mood was optimistic. We too expect things to become more relaxed in many respects and steadily improve from here on in.”

About the SWISS KRONO Group

SWISS KRONO Group ranks amongst the world’s leading manufacturers of engineered wood products and is well-known for the sustainable, innovative solutions of its Interior, Flooring and Building Materials product categories. Founded in 1966 as a family firm, it currently employs about 5,000 people at ten production facilities in eight countries. The SWISS KRONO Group is based in Lucerne, Switzerland.

Ute Bachmann

Press Relations