SWISS KRONO is committed to sustainability and is now presenting its inaugural group-wide sustainability report


Through this report, the company unveils its long-term commitment to eco-friendly practices and the creation of sustainable living spaces. As one of the leading companies in the wood-based panel industry, SWISS KRONO incorporated the principles of sustainability in its business since its foundation in 1966. The report highlights the Group's sustainability efforts, which are deeply rooted in the company's vision: to be a global leader in circular materials for living spaces.


Key focus areas identified in the report include caring for

· our planet through climate change mitigation, emissions reduction, and circular economy practices

· our customers by focusing on product quality and life-cycle management

· our people through employee development and retention and

· a responsible business through sustainable procurement and supply chain management


SWISS KRONO invites its customers, partners, and stakeholders to join in its sustainability journey. The Group‘s commitment to environmental stewardship, innovation, and the responsible use of resources showcases its role as a model in the wood material sector, making significant contributions to sustainable development and the wellbeing of future generations.