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COREPEL, the ultra-resistant and waterproof laminate floor

We all lead busy, active lives. That's why we need durable floors that support our active lifestyles.
That's what Corepel is all about.

Five times stronger than other resistant soils

Corepel is the most durable floor on the market. It is distinguished by its extreme stability of form and high resistance to scratches, scrapes, bumps and nicks.

Made with an encapsulated wood core, Corepel floors are fully waterproof and extremely durable. This means that these floors can withstand anything that life can throw at them: small children, domestic disturbances, broken wine bottles. Despite all that they endure, Corepel floors remain as beautiful and functional as on day one.

Made with more than 50% wood, Corepel has the highest proportion of renewable raw materials in its category. It is the second floor to qualify for the new Durable Eco Composite (DEC) standard.

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