Using Acetone to Clean Laminate Floors

You’ll notice that the use of acetone is often recommended to clean laminate flooring. Exactly what is acetone? Acetone is a liquid organic compound that can be mixed with water. You can buy acetone at hardware stores, big-box stores, and beauty-supply stores. Acetone is the primary ingredient in nail-polish remover and evaporates rapidly. The great thing about acetone is that it dissolves oily films that can become visible on your laminate floor.

And a word of caution about using acetone….

Acetone is extremely flammable. Never use it near an open flame of any kind. Acetone also will cause eye and throat irritation; always use in a well-ventilated area. Open the doors and crack the windows open, please.


How to Remove a Dull Film From Your Floor

First, clean your laminate floors by misting acetone and wiping them completely and immediately. Then, use a laminate cleaner again by misting and removing immediately and completely. Try this consistently for two days, then back off and see if the film starts to lift. You could also buff the floor with acetone.