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Laminate Flooring Maker Dramatically Reduces Waste

18.03.2013 | News | SWISS KRONO USA

Barnwell, S.C., March 18, 2013 – KronotexUSA has begun a company-wide recycling and waste reduction program that will have a tremendous impact on waste that would normally be sent to a landfill. KronotexUSA is working with Pratt Recycling, a subsidiary of Pratt Industries on the project.

KronotexUSA’s recycling program will involve complete separation of all waste streams, including paper, clear plastic, green strapping, corrugate, bottles, cans, metal and general waste. The paper and corrugated products collected will be used as raw materials for one of Pratt’s paper mills — and returned in the form of sustainable, 100% recycled content packaging. Non-paper recyclables are transported to end users, while non-recyclables are used as fuel for Pratt’s clean energy plant which powers the paper-making process.

“We are undertaking this initiative, not to save cost, but to act as a good corporate citizen by making an internal, cultural shift and doing the right things to lessen our environmental footprint in our community,” noted George Kelley, KronotexUSA president and CEO. “Jody Smith, our quality manager, championed this major recycling program while two other Kronotex employees — Tim Horton and Charlie Jenkins — are working with Pratt Recycling to manage the project internally,” added Kelley.

”Pratt Recycling has perfected a very unique zero-landfill solution for Kronotex as well as other manufacturers throughout the country,” Myles Cohen, the president of Pratt Recycling, said. “Kronotex’s commitment to environmental sustainability made it easy for us to customize our close-the-loop program that turns a company’s waste stream into new packaging – all from Pratt’s fully integrated recycling, waste-to-clean-energy, and converting capabilities,” added Cohen.

By using 100% recycled cartons from Pratt Industries in 2012, KronotexUSA had an environmental impact of saving 36,528 trees, 9.7 million gallons of water, nearly 5,000 cubic yards of landfill diversion, 2.2 million tons of greenhouse gases avoided and nearly 7 million kWhrs of electricity saved.

Pratt Industries is the 5th largest box manufacturer in the USA and the world’s largest, privately held, 100% recycled paper and packaging company. Pratt Recycling Division is a full-service recycler with 13 recycling facilities. Every year Pratt diverts 1.8 million tons of waste paper, other recyclable materials, and waste-to-clean energy materials from the landfill. To learn more about Pratt Recycling, visit www.recycle.prattindustries.com.