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Max von Tippelskirch becomes new Chairman of the EPLF Executive Board

24.06.2019 | Новини | SWISS KRONO Group

On 5 and 6 June this year's general meeting of the EPLF® Association of European Laminate Flooring Manufacturers took place in Antwerp.

The EPLF® offers manufacturers and suppliers an international platform for the exchange of opinions and experience. The association's work focuses on research, development and standardisation, international trade fair participation and representation of interests as well as the evaluation of statistical data.

At the beginning of June, the association not only celebrated its 25th anniversary, but also had to elect a new board of directors in addition to numerous other decisions. Max von Tippelskirch was elected chairman, Ruben Desmet (Unilin) his deputy and Eberhard Herrmann (Claasen Group) another board member.