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SWISS KRONO LLC offers to those, who set the trends of tomorrow in interior design to choose worktops with an antibacterial surface that will ensure safety and reliability where hygiene, ecology and human health are priority #1.

Due to an external protective coating - an overlay with silver content, used in the production of HPL laminate for kitchen countertops -worktops with an antibacterial surface reduce the number of bacteria by 99.99%.Hence, with the application ofsilver nanoparticles to the outer protective coating of countertops (overlays), SWISS KRONO worktops achieve antibacterial properties.

How does a protective coating (overlay) with silver content work? When bacteria come into contact with the surface/protective coating containing silver, the vital functions of bacterial microorganisms are disrupted, and as a result, the reproduction of bacteria stops - the bacteria perishes!

The EPH certificate (Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH) confirms on basis of tests and methods of the ISO 22196 standard investigation that the number of bacteria Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli, which gets on the surface of antibacterial worktops do not multiply, but on the contrary, die on the surface.

In kitchen SWISS KRONO countertops decors marked with the icon "ANTIBACTERIAL SURFACE" we use HPL laminate with a special antibacterial coating, confirmed by certificates.



  • for furniture production: as elements of interior finishing, e.g. kitchen worktops, tables, desks, shelves.
  • spases for health care facilities, educational institutions
  • HoReCa, shopping malls
  • spases, intended for food storage

Important information

Hygienic properties, positive impact on the environment and human health are confirmed by the relevant certificates:

  • Antibacterial coating confirmed Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH (DAkkS) BT-20-05-27-01
  • Hygienic Certificate No. 328/322/334/2017, confirming the fulfillment of hygienic requirements (E1)
  • Certificate of Health Quality  B/BŻ-6071-0141/18/C, (HŻ/D/01802/12) issued by the Institute of Hygiene, Warsaw

Structures Worktops (antibacterial surface) (12)


Technical Information


Format (mm) Profile Number of boards
per pallet
Pallet height, mm Gross weight* (kg) Number of pallets
per truck
4100×600x38 R3 10 560 720 30
4100x1200x38 R3 10 560 1340 16


*weight deviation ±5%