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ONE WORLD - multiple opportunities

Furniture decors are as diverse and as inspiring as the world around us. The collection is created in accordance with the latest world design trends, which were analyzed by our experts on the basis of constant and detailed market monitoring. The collection takes into account the specific needs of our customers. Our ONE WORLD collection from SWISS KRONO covers a wide variety of unicolors, wood and designer surfaces, which can be combined in a new way.

  • Decor Group
    • Design (9)
    • Haptik (4)
    • Plain (35)
    • Wood (102)
  • Wood type
    • Alder (1)
    • Apple wood (1)
    • Ash (3)
    • Beech (1)
    • Cherry wood (1)
    • Chestnut (1)
    • Elm (1)
    • Exotic woods (1)
    • Fantasy design (1)
    • Maple (2)
    • Metallic look (1)
    • Miscellaneous types of wood (3)
    • Oak (19)
    • Pine (4)
    • Plain colour (35)
    • Walnut (5)
    • Wenge (1)
  • Colours
    • Beige (6)
    • Black (2)
    • Blue (4)
    • Brown (98)
    • Charcoal (2)
    • Green (4)
    • Grey (16)
    • Medium brown (1)
    • Orange (4)
    • Red (7)
    • Turquoise (1)
    • White (9)
    • Yellow (2)
  • Brightness
    • Dark (4)
    • Light (11)
    • Medium (19)


The combination of modern furniture with old, antique and classic items and accessories creates a very special and cozy atmosphere. You can feel a touch of nostalgia, and skill again plays a bigger role. Warm vintage brings us back to basics - in response to progressive digitization - which marks the experience of haptics and nature.


This design trend can be found both in cities and abroad, and can best be described by the words "the less, the more". Monochrome colors and straight shapes are characteristic of this style, along with affinity for new technologies. In addition, the Japanese child care expert Marie Kond promotes a new kind of appearance that allows you to restore order in yourself. This means that people can be satisfied with fewer things.


Lush shapes, powerful patterns, beautiful colors. Joy in the seemingly unlimited variety of objects, along with an unfamiliar mixture of old and new. Maximalism is first of all on a level with excessive sensuality. This lifestyle encourages playfulness and individuality, and he finds pleasure in jewelry and purposeful combination of styles. Not only fans of the bohemian style can allow their full personality to reveal themselves with this style.


Simplicity and clarity are the main features of the Scandinavian and Japanese lifestyles. So why not combine the two? Characteristic of this design trend is the combination of light wood - such as beech, oak or maple - with white, light gray and blue tones. Also typical is the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi aesthetics, which is expressed in the saying, "Essence is the basis, but remember poetry."

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