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Ground chipboards 

A chipboard is a three-layer board with polished surface produced as a result of wood particles pressing in condition of high temperature and pressure with the use of formaldehyde resins as an adhesive.


The internal layer is made of large-fraction particles, while external layers are made of small-fraction particles – microparticles. As a result, the board surface is even and has a high resistance to tearing off of the top layer.


Technical Specifications

Chipboards produced by ТОВ “SWISS KRONO” comply with the requirements of Technical Conditions of Ukraine 20.2-31147999-001:2002 “Chipboards”. The properties of ТОВ «SWISS KRONO» chipboards satisfy Ukrainian standards DSTU EN 312-1: 2003 “Particleboards. Specifications. Particleboards. Specifications. General requirements for all board types” and DSTU EN 312-3: 2003 “Particleboards. Specifications. Requirements for boards for interior fitments (including furniture) for use in dry conditions” as well as European standards.

Product information

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