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SWISS KRONO HUB in cities of Ukraine

19.08.2019 | News | SWISS KRONO Ukraine

Following the large-format events in Kamianka-Buzka, SWISS KRONO has launched a series of local events in the cities of Ukraine: Kyiv, Odessa and Kharkiv. Within these events, there were meetings and presentations for guests from the Head Commercial “SWISS KRONO” – Iryna Fedirko and the invited speaker – a board member of UAM, the owner of the company 100% interior! – Vitaliy Ivakhov. The presentation format was complemented by an interesting workshop: each participant was able to implement the design case by working in groups to create mood board (mood panel). For example, what should be the interior of a loft and scandinavian style with north or south windows. Each group selected materials for the facades and worktops from the ONE WORLD Ukraine collection and supplemented them with textiles, glass, metal and dishes. None of the stacked boards were similar to the other and made on a highly professional level

“The presentation is well supported by a hands-on workshop – a workshop that is useful for both furniture and designers, because each of the proposed and folded boards can be used immediately in work,” – shared the impressions of Anastasia, a representative of «Quadro».

Kharkiv will be the next city. We invite everyone to SWISS KRONO HUB in Kharkiv, August 28-29, 2019. Location: “FABRIKA SPACE” (Gray Hall), located on the street Blahovischenska, 1.