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Centralnaya Street 4
157510 Sharya
Kostroma Region 


Контактное лицо

Human resources

HR department Office
+74944959602 [email protected]

Sales Department

Yuriy Lekveishvili
+74944959640 [email protected]

Export Department

Vladimir Borisov
+74944959602 [email protected]


Elena Ostapenko
+74944959794 [email protected]

Quality and Metrology

Viktoria Alexeeva
+74944959806 [email protected]


Purchasing department Office
+74944959622 / +74944959623 [email protected]

Transport logistics

Sergey Ermakov
+74944959739/+79106603107 [email protected]

Who we are

SWISS KRONO Group is one of the world's leading manufacturers of wood-based materials. We provide our customers with an extensive range in the interiors, flooring and building materials sectors.

As a family company, SWISS KRONO Group has stood for products of the highest quality and an outstanding price-performance ratio for over 50 years. We set the standards when it comes to design, feel and value. This is why we are filling our clients' living spaces in more than 120 countries* worldwide.

For a selection of products, we undertake all stages of production ourselves. We are therefore able to deliver our wood-based materials to any location, at any time, and to the highest quality. We personally employ around 5,000 employees at ten production sites in Switzerland, France, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and the USA to do this.

For us, sustainability and resource efficiency are a matter of course. We acquire our raw materials exclusively from sustainable sources. Our modern production processes are subject to the highest efficiency standards. As a group of companies operating internationally, we continue to work together on innovations to produce in an even more efficient and resource-saving manner.