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Terms of warranty

Laminate flooring should be laid according to its intended use and instructions (the manual is attached to the label of every pack of laminate flooring).

Laminate flooring of AC4 wear capacity class can be laid in residential units with high passing ability and in public premises with medium passing ability.

Laminate flooring of AC5 wear capacity class can be laid in residential units with high passing ability and in public premises with high passing ability as well.

Before laying laminate flooring should be stored in the premises for at least 48 hours.

According to laying instructions laminate flooring should be laid indoors heated up to the room temperature in winter season.

For laying laminate flooring it’s required to use only the materials and the tools recommended by the manufacturer (certified water vapor barrier film, foam lining, or other lining materials for floating floors according to instructions of the manufacturers’ of these products).

After laying flooring should be protected with carpets and door mats preventing it from sand and moisture.

Laminate flooring should not be laid in the premises where the humidity exceeds 70% (bathing rooms, saunas, etc.).

Laminate flooring is resistant to wear only when using seats (chairs) with rubber wheels. Use of seats (chairs) with plastic wheels or wheels (rollers) without appropriate protecting linings leads to flooring wear and consequently to loss of warranty.

Legs of chairs, tables and other furniture should be protected by felt pads which are sometimes to be cleaned from sand and mud. The mud can be easily removed with a moist cloth. It’s strongly prohibited to wipe the panels with wet cloth and to pour water on them, as well as to use detergents and powders to clean the panels.



All laminate flooring must be checked (before and during the laying) for the presence of possible obvious defects (differences in shades, sizes, gloss, etc.)

OOO "SWISS KRONO" does not accept claims if the laid flooring is with defects, in the case of inappropriate laying, use, care, and the apparent neglect, shocks and mechanical damage that appeared during transportation or from direct effects of water or high temperature. Please, keep the samples of the flooring laid - 1 pc. length of 20 cm, so that in the case of claims there was no need to take samples from the flooring already laid.


Warranty claims

1. Warranty claims should be submitted to the point of purchase of laminate flooring within 60 days from the date of the defects detection.

2. The claim should be submitted at the point of purchase in writing, describing the decor, the amount (m2 or pieces), marking made on the back side of the defected panels and the foundation for the claim, along with you should submit a copy of a purchase check and demands of the claimant.

3. In order to test the validity of the claims the manufacturer has the right to inspect the flooring.