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BLACK WOOD raw boards are very high density wood fibre boards (HDF) with a homogeneous raw material
composition throughout, which ensures good machinability in the machining process. The boards are dyed black
in the mass.

BLACK WOOD laminated boards are refined on the surface by pressing resin-saturated decorative paper sheets
(melamine films) onto them. The black edges give them an unconventional, incredibly original, designer look.

BLACK WOOD boards have a low swelling, so they can be used in wet conditions. The flame retardancy of the
boards allows them to be used in public facilities.

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  • the product is moisture resistant (low swelling) - can be used in rooms with enhanced humidity
  • is flame retardant (C-s1,d0) - is ideal for interior furnishings and public buildings
  • the surface will not fade in strong light
  • it’s safe for health (hygiene class E1/ED2020)
  • the surface has antibacterial properties
  • the item is a wood-based product - natural and ecological
  • edge banding is not necessary, but possible
  • it’s ultra-thin - lends any room a unique sense of lightness and elegance
  • the possibility of milling



TOOLS – BLACK WOOD board can be worked using standard woodworking tools, with similar feed and cutting speeds as for MDF laminated boards. Due to the higher density, the working parameters should be adjusted as necessary.

BONDING – The high density of BLACK WOOD boards allows the use of standard soft adhesives, polyurethane adhesives and construction adhesives. The fittings can be installed using construction adhesive. A light sanding of the bonded surface is recommended, in order to obtain a suitable roughness. With the low thickness of BLACK WOOD boards, it is possible to use, e.g. glass fittings.

PROTECTION – The black dyed wood fibres of the base board can be protected with e.g. varnish, wax, oil or petroleum jelly. The quality of the edges and surface is determined by the condition of the tools used.


A soft, dry or damp cloth is recommended for the maintenance of BLACK WOOD laminated boards. Coarser dirt can be first removed with a solution of dishwashing liquid, then, wiped away with a damp, soft cloth and then wiped dry. As the laminated surface is ‘finally finished’, no aggressive cleaning agents (e.g. solvents) or polishing agents should be used.

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OW - ONE Wood
OW - ONE Wood
PE - Pearl
PE - Pearl
VL - Velour
VL - Velour