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Protecting the Environment for Nature’s Sake

One of the biggest and most urgent challenges now facing humanity is to actively protect the environment. This involves joint everyday efforts by all of our employees, who are thoroughly informed, trained and educated about environmental issues. Our environmental management activities focus on eco-efficiency, which is one of our company’s official goals.

We are committed to ensuring that SWISS KRONO OSB/3 provides excellent value for money and is highly compatible with the environment. This starts with the exclusive use of legal, certified raw materials from sustainably managed forests, continues with rigorously monitored production and is ensured throughout the product’s entire service life, ultimately culminating in its eco-friendly disposal.

Another important aspect is that the carbon contained in wood, a natural raw material, continues to be entrapped in our products. As a result, less carbon dioxide (CO2) is released into the atmosphere, as this only happens when wood burns or rots. This reduction in CO2 emissions helps protect the environment and translates into healthier living for everyone.

Energy and Sustainability

Due to our leading role in the engineered wood industry, we feel a special responsibility to protect the environment. We are therefore committed to preventing environmental burdens and continuing to improve the environmental compatibility of our manufacturing activities. We endeavour to minimise consumption of raw materials, water and energy, we recover and use wastewater, energy and heat, and we incinerate production scrap to minimise our dependency on fossil fuels.

In accordance with our energy policy, we provide the information and resources that are required for achieving our objectives and targets, and we work continually to improve energy efficiency. Our investments to safeguard the environment also provide us with considerable economic benefits, thus helping to secure jobs and our company’s future.

Wood Purchasing

INTERSPAN Faipari Kft supports sustainable silviculture by using thinnings from sustainably managed forests to make our products. We are also committed to doing our very best to avoid dealing in and purchasing wood from inacceptable sources.

Inacceptable sources include, in particular, illegally harvested wood, wood harvested in violation of traditional or civil rights, wood harvested in forests where High Conservation Values (areas particularly worthy of protection) are threatened by management activities, wood harvested in forests that are being converted to plantations or other non-forest uses and wood from forests containing genetically modified trees are planted. For more information on the wood purchasing activities and services of INTERSPAN, go to
» Services / Wood Purchasing.