Your digital planning foundation for the future

A higher precision and efficiency as well as time and cost savings make the digital planning method BIM (Building Information Modeling) more essential than ever before. BIM centres round an intelligent 3D building model, which includes all the data needed for planning and construction, as well as the use of the building and even its demolition.  So as to do justice to the decors’ surface structures, which are, in part, highly detailed, and to present these as realistically as possible in digital format, all decors have been scanned in five dimensions.

The gloss level, 3D surface structure and light absorption properties of all decors can therefore now also be depicted authentically and realistically and can be integrated into future data management systems without loss. With 71 "BIM finished" decors from the ONE WORLD Global Collection, we have created the basis for sustainable, innovative and digital applications in the interior and building materials industry.

  • BIM workflows bridges the gap between design idea and construction and connects designers, manufacturers and contractors
  • BIM data can be used in any 3D planning software
  • Increases quality and productivity of the available, building relevant product process
  • Easy way to make data accessible or to integrate it into existing systems
  • Already integrated BIM data in the AR Designer app and in the online tool

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Walnut exudes a classic, elegant character and high comfort. At the same time, it also stands for new beginnings and a strong energy. Walnut particularly unleashes its full power in combination with subtle tones of nature.


Lime wood exudes spirituality, a spirit of community, and peace. As a result, it picks up on the latest trend of mindfulness in interior design.


A symbiosis of warm wood and cool metal – creates a harmonious balance of two natural opposites and the perfect combination for exceptional furnishing concepts.