Our company values

Five core values make the SWISS KRONO Group unique:

Pragmatism means that we always offer relevant solutions. The company is straightforward and reliable. The Group keeps its promises. The pragmatic way of thinking within the SWISS KRONO Group ensures goal-oriented and rapid decisions.

Partnership. The way we treat all stakeholders is based on it: Listening, expressing opinions and identifying the best solution together are important elements of how we see ourselves. Long-term relationships, proximity and trust characterise our relationships with customers, suppliers and partners.

Ambitious. The SWISS KRONO Group challenges itself, its employees and partners. The SWISS KRONO Group is also fastidious with its processes: they must meet the highest standards in order to be able to offer our customers the best products. The Group also sets high standards for its employees, we firmly believe that people can deliver the best performance when they are challenged.

Commitment. Naturally, SWISS KRONO also supports committed employees. The high quality of products, service and cooperation with customers demonstrates the high standards that everyone in the Group sets for themselves. Each employee should act on his or her own responsibility. The SWISS KRONO Group places its trust in the abilities of each individual – whether in the plants or in the respective Group functions. The Group offers freedom, so that each individual can contribute their skills and play their part in their role to make the company a success.

Goal-orientation. Every single employee of the SWISS KRONO Group is success-oriented. Thirst for success is the driving force behind the Group. And: as much as each plant fights for its own leading position in the market and in the Group, the Group unites this striving for success.