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SWISS KRONO MAGNUMBOARD OSB: sustainable building and healthy living

17.10.2019 | News | SWISS KRONO Group

Heiligengrabe. The SWISS KRONO MAGNUMBOARD® system combines the outstanding material properties of wood with modern solid construction.

Sustainable building and an all-round healthy living are a concern for many people. The renewable raw material wood brings with its optimal properties by nature. The MAGNUMBOARD® OSB system from SWISS KRONO makes use of these advantages and offers tailor-made wood solutions for large and small construction sites.

If you also want to conserve resources in house construction, you cannot avoid wood. In German forests alone, enough grows in five seconds to build a complete detached house. SWISS KRONO obtains its wood from sustainable forestry, clearly recognisable by the PEFC mark. In order to reduce transport-related emissions and thus further increase sustainability, regional wood is preferred for the OSB panels. Compared to the production of other building materials, such as steel, concrete or plastic, significantly less fossil energy is required.

But anyone who chooses wood for house construction does not only do a lot for the environment, but also for themselves and their fellow human beings. Life in a wooden house is healthy because the natural raw material is free of chemical emissions. SWISS KRONO uses formaldehyde-free binders for its OSB boards to ensure that this remains the case even after processing. In addition, the use of wood-based materials has a positive effect on the indoor climate, as they regulate humidity in a natural way. In sum, all these properties result in a pleasant living feeling, which has a positive effect on health. People who are surrounded by wood have a lower heart rate. In the long run this reduces stress symptoms, prolongs life expectancy and increases the ability to concentrate.

With the MAGNUMBOARD® OSB system, SWISS KRONO offers a timber construction system that, with its technically innovative solutions, does justice to the high quality of the raw material wood. Inspired by the single-shell solid construction, it transforms the traditional timber construction method into a contemporary and competitive system without sacrificing sustainability. It avoids weak points such as joints, material changes, building moisture and long construction times. Thanks to the SWISS KRONO LONGBOARD OSB, walls, ceilings and roof elements with dimensions of up to 18.00 x 2.80 m are possible and can be individually constructed as required. In this way, even architecturally complex projects can be realised in the shortest possible time.

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