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New plant for chipboard production – into the future with Helena

20.06.2019 | Actualité | SWISS KRONO GROUP

Menznau. The state-of-the-art particle board plant went into operation in autumn 2017 and has been setting new standards ever since.

Even the dimensions of the new particleboard plant are impressive. The weight of the plant is 550 metric tons, which is about as much as two jumbo jets with a full tank and passengers. The press alone has a length of 42 meters. Up to 150 fitters were involved in this major project, working on the superstructures for 20 months from the ground-breaking ceremony to the ceremonial commissioning.

With the new particle board plant, a complete production line including a hot press was created. Construction work of this magnitude is not the order of the day at the SWISS KRONO Group. The 80 million euro investment is part of a new generation of production lines. Its press infeed in particular is designed for maximum flexibility, so that panel thicknesses of 3.4–62.0 millimeters can be produced. A glance at the immediate past makes the versatility of the system clear. When it was commissioned, it replaced three predecessor machines. The innovative EVOJet P binder application system, which has helped to save 15–20 percent glue so far, deserves special mention. This not only reduces production costs but also conserves resources in the long term.

But the future-oriented system is not only flexible and economical in production – it is also a prime example of efficiency. Its daily production capacity is around 1,500 cubic meters. It thus significantly exceeds the total capacity of its three predecessor plants of around 1,350 cubic meters per day. The maximum output of the new system is 1,800 cubic meters per day. If the chipboards produced in one day were laid out, the area would correspond to the size of twenty football pitches. Only three employees per shift are needed to operate the system, while three more are engaged in maintenance.

With its wide range of production options and efficient performance record, the Menznau plant is well equipped to meet the complex requirements of the woodworking industry. Helena is designed for a plant life of over thirty years – bring on the future!

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