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Action against MVV TB model building code

15.01.2019 | Actualité | SWISS KRONO GROUP

Application for review of standards submitted to administrative courts 

January 2019 – In December 2018, SWISS KRONO Group filed an application with the administrative courts of Baden-Württemberg and Saxony for a review of standards pursuant to Section 47 of the German Administrative Court Act (VwGo). The objective was a review of the legality of individual provisions in the Technical Construction Administrative Regulations (VwV-TB). 

The number of new wooden buildings in Germany is continuously increasing. Planners and architects as well as builders and property owners are increasingly opting for wood and wood-based materials. Wood is the building material of the future and yet this current trend could very soon be a thing of the past in Germany. 

With the introduction of the new model technical building code "Musterverwaltungsvorschrift Technische Baubestimmungen" (MVV TB), Germany is unilaterally tightening up the EU Construction Products Ordinance, which was previously applied throughout Europe. These restrictive provisions will make their way into building laws at the state level (VwV-TB). 

Baden-Württemberg and Saxony are ahead of other federal states in implementing these regulations. Should Germany defy case law of the European Court of Justice (ECJ judgement of 14.10.2014- Res. C-100/13) by creating its own regulations for the handling of building products, and should this example set a precedent, this will complicate timber construction in Germany and ultimately make it considerably more expensive. This would not only affect the entire German construction industry, but above all those members of the German population who use wood-based materials for construction projects and thus represent an environmentally friendly and climate-neutral approach. 

The potential economic impact of this development must also be considered. Germany’s forestry and timber sectors together employ more than 1.1 million employees in almost 128,000 companies and generate an annual turnover of around EUR 180 billion (as of 2018). SWISS KRONO Group sees the standards control application as a means for Germany to avert this negative development. 

SWISS KRONO Group already meets all present and forthcoming requirements for low-emission building products. The Group considers the international validity of uniform guidelines to be of the utmost importance. And it is for precisely this reason, the defense of the principles of the EU’s single market, that SWISS KRONO Group is committed to uniform European regulations of VOC emissions from construction products. 

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Katja Hallbauer
Communication institutionnelle