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We’ve been nominated for the DETAIL Product Award – and need your vote to win it!

21.07.2023 | Новости | SWISS KRONO Germany

Each year, the DETAIL architecture magazine, which is published in English- and German-language editions, bestows awards for innovative construction products, systems and materials in four categories: interiors and finishing, roofs and exteriors, design and building physics, and building systems.

And this year, together with Wolf Bavaria, we have been nominated for our ONE-BLOCK party wall in the category of design and building physics. A jury comprising members of the DETAIL editorial team will choose a short list of candidates from all of the entries received. Then members of the public can go online to choose their favourites – which is where you come in: in order for us to win the award, we need you to vote for the ONE-BLOCK party wall!


Benefits and attributes of this party wall

ONE-BLOCK is a dismantlable, only 265mm-thick, acoustically insulating exposed wall made of SWISS KRONO MAGNUMBOARD® OSB with a bendable, free-floating core of PhoneStar acoustic insulation strips from Wolf Bavaria. It excels above all by attenuating sound by 66 dB, an excellent figure that has been confirmed by tests at ift Rosenheim. The acoustic insulation is inside the wall, thus eliminating the need to apply gypsum plasterboard on top – and making it very easy to directly cover the MAGNUMBOARD® OSB with plaster, paint, wallpaper or tiles.

The ONE-BLOCK party wall has the following structure:


The ONE-BLOCK party wall can be prefabricated in the factory without concern for the weather. It’s stackable, and only screws are needed to install it: in other words, neither spring rails nor insulation clips are required for acoustic decoupling.

MAGNUMBOARD® OSB does the heavy lifting by performing the structural functions. According to the test certificate issued by ift Rosenheim, this 125mm-thick layer gives the ONE-BLOCK party wall a fire-resistance rating of F60-B. If required, its thickness can also be increased to achieve a rating of F90-B.

And that’s not all: this acoustically insulating exposed wall can later be recovered and reused to improve the environmental footprint of other buildings.

We are thus offering architects a standardised, tested component with which they can enhance both the safety and the acoustic insulation of buildings.


Have we convinced you? If so, we’ll be tickled pink if you vote for the ONE-BLOCK party wall and help us win the DETAIL Product Award. Thanks very much in advance for your support!