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Miracles happen. Donor found!

04.08.2023 | Новости | SWISS KRONO Germany

This news is so good that we can hardly believe it! A suitable donor has now been found in the DKMS donor database for our colleague Doreen Oerter, who was seriously ill with leukemia in the spring. The match is also extremely good, because the donor has ten of the possible ten parameters for suitability as a donor. The stem cell transplant has already taken place at the Charité hospital in Berlin. The entire plant team from Heiligengrabe, together with the Oerter family, is now keeping its fingers crossed that the stem cell donation will be successful.
The suitable donor did not come from the typing campaigns that we carried out at the plant with the support of many participating employees. But that is not the point. All new entries in the DKMS donor database are potential lifesavers. We would like to expressly thank all employees and Wittstock residents who have shown through their typification that they are willing to help other people! That is the great message.