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How do you build a five-storey timber house in Schwerin?

Actualité | SWISS KRONO Germany

It was a pleasure for us to answer this question at the ‘open construction site event’ we held at Puschkinstrasse 23 in Schwerin in eastern Germany. Currently a spectacular showpiece is closing a gap which had existed there for several years: a five-storey urban building. It is being built with SWISS KRONO MAGNUMBOARD® OSB, our massive timber construction system. 

Even before admission began at 10 a.m., people were waiting eagerly in front of the construction site. They didn’t want to miss the chance to watch the final modules being put into place. Those involved in the project held several fascinating presentations on the building and how it is being erected. They included Julien Oldengott, the managing director of our licensee 3B TEC, who explained how the MAGNUMBOARD® OSB modules were prefabricated; a member of the Heil engineering firm, who explained the structural calculations for this taller-than-ordinary building; and fire protection expert Reinhard Eberl-Pacan, who revealed details of planning the integrated fire protection. 

The event’s attendees were quite excited about the programme, which was also reflected in the responses provided in an anonymous survey. Asked whether their expectations had been met, they answered (for example) ‘absolutely, thanks!’ or ‘it was even better than I anticipated!’ We’re very pleased with this feedback, which confirms that our idea of kindling inspiration for timber construction with presentations of this kind and, ideally, motivating others to follow our example was spot on. 

You can watch the video on the event here:

The future of construction: a timber high-rise in central Schwerin