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NOAH – Das Architektenhaus

Wood is one of the most tried and tested building materials in human history.
Its stability, versatility, durability and sustainability have long been valued. Wood is the ideal material to build a house.

NOAH houses are built in traditional and modern timber frame construction. It has always been our goal to exploit and extend the advantages of wood. We use dried, core-separated, planed solid construction wood from domestic production.

Many unique advantages arise from our special construction method.
An outstanding thermal insulation, the low heating costs, healthy living, renouncement of chemical wood protection, dry construction method, permeability, pleasant room climate, the exact prefabrication in our own weather-independent production halls.

The heart of our architecture are the wood frame construction walls which are produced in ecological construction methods.

The 24 cm x 6 cm thick wooden stud frame provides the space for the 24 cm wood fiber insulation and an additional 6 cm thick insulation board. This results in an insulation of a mighty 30 cm.

Our construction method allows a short construction time. The complete shell of the building is ready within a few days. This means that all subsequent work can be carried out in the dry shell regardless of the weather.

But we go one step further and manufacture each house individually to suit your needs and wishes. It is in this way that each house is unique and as different as the people who live in it.

We always have the claim not to produce anything off the peg, and to build not only a house, but your dream house with craftsmanlike precision.

An architectural house, in other words.