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Holz-Kunz GmbH

Holz-Kunz GmbH emerged in 1990 from the company Pius Kunz Holzhandlung, which was founded in 1966 as a family business.

In the year 1972, 5,000 m2 of industrial estate was acquired at the current site. After the foundation of Holz-Kunz GmbH, the business was continuously expanded by the current owner Waldemar Kunz. In the same year, the acquisition of a 9,000 m2 of real estate took place in Huttenheim in Philippsburg. Different divisions were spun off there to optimize the operational procedures at the Stettfeld location. Meanwhile, the acquisition of a further 16,000 m2 of land was also successful at the Stettfeld location, so that the total operational area now amounts to 30,000 m2, on which a total of 11 storage halls and 1 exhibition building are built at present.

Holz Kunz GmbH considers itself to be a wholesale and retail dealer of wood. Holz-Kunz consistently orients itself towards two target groups. Professionals, i.e. craftsmen such as carpenters and joiners, construction companies etc., as well as end users. Both customer groups are addressed both through a comprehensive product range and through specific services. The basis for this is formed by the complete range of products, which is correspondingly compatible both for the home builder and renovator as well as for the professional.