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Dual course of studies: Mechatronics technician in wood engineering

Having an interest in craftsmanship and technology, and good technical understanding are prerequisites for becoming a mechatronics technician in wood engineering.
The industrial sector of wood and wood-based materials is gaining increasing importance. It has very good career opportunities after graduation.
In cooperation with the Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development, we offer a modern, dual study program, which covers a study period of 7 semesters and includes 2 practical phases. The dual study program comprises 210 ECTS credits and is concluded with a bachelor thesis.

Contents of the dual study program:

For the dual study program, you will need diligence and the ability to work in a team, since you will work independently during your course of studies and work closely with colleagues in the company.

In addition to engineering and mechatronic basics, the study program teaches basic properties of lignocellulosic raw materials. The focus is on microscopic and macroscopic measurement techniques. The students are qualified with regard to wood technology branches. Modules from measurement and control technology, just like joining technologies, are included in the training. Compulsory modules from the field of wood engineering are chosen for separate specialization.

In addition to the theory, you will get to experience how the real everyday working life in practicum phases is, which tasks have to be completed, which challenges have to be faced, and how great it feels when a project is completed successfully.

The knowledge you acquire during your course of studies and in the company - from the combination of electronic and mechanical processes in production and process engineering or the modification of wood with versatile application possibilities - offers you optimal preparation for your future career. 

Maria Thurmann
Head of Training and Advanced Training