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The family company SWISS KRONO AG, which operates internationally, is based in Menznau in Switzerland and manages all the businesses and sites around the world from here.

SWISS KRONO AG – A company of the SWISS KRONO Group

SWISS KRONO Switzerland is a company of the SWISS KRONO Group. The family-owned SWISS KRONO Group is one of the world’s leading companies in the production and finishing of wood-based materials.

Quality has a long tradition with us

In 1966, the Austrian Ernst Kaindl († 2017) founded the company in Menznau, Lucerne, laying the foundation for the development of further locations around the globe. Since its foundation, SWISS KRONO Switzerland has become an important international manufacturer of wood-based materials. Over 450 staff currently work for the company at the Swiss site, which is considered a reliable partner across the entire industry. 

At a glance

SWISS KRONO Switzerland combines the tradition of a Swiss family company with sustainability, innovative spirit and top quality. Taking into account the needs of our customers, we are constantly opening up new markets. SWISS KRONO Switzerland is characterised by solid and long-term growth. 

  • 480 staff
  • 400'000 m3 of particleboard annual production (33 trucks per day)
  • 225'000 m3 of MDF / HDF board annual production (21 trucks per day)
  • 130'000'000 m2 impregnated paper annual production (50 football fields per day)
  • 17'500'000 m2 Laminate Flooring annual production (7 football fields per day)
  • 4'000'000 m2 painted panels of annual production (1.5 football fields per day)


Willisauerstrasse 37
6122 Menznau - Switzerland