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Thinning wood – productive both for forests and the economy

20.09.2019 | Новини | SWISS KRONO Group

Heiligengrabe. SWISS KRONO Germany attaches great importance to the sustainable use of wood as a raw material. An important element in resource-saving production is the use of thinning wood.

In forestry, care measures are regularly applied to improve the quality of the wood and increase the productivity of the forest as a whole. Thinning involves the targeted removal of weak wood in order to increase the industrial usability of the forest in the long term. In this context, weak wood refers to branches and trunks that cannot be used by the sawmill industry because of their narrow and crooked shape. These include, for example, the strong side branches of deciduous trees and the tops of conifers, so-called ‘crown wood’.

However, weak wood can still be used for industrial purposes. This is where SWISS KRONO comes in. After processing such wood into chips, it is able to be used in board production or as an energy source. In this way, thinning wood, which is difficult to recycle, becomes an important part of the production cycle. At the same time, domestic forests are used more efficiently and their productivity is sustainably increased. A win-win situation for the economy, the environment and society. 

But how can the end consumer tell whether a company is committed to sustainable use of the environment and wood as a resource? Various internationally respected quality seals and certificates offer guidance.

SWISS KRONO products have been awarded the FSC® seal. The trademark of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) stands for transparency and credibility and is recognized across the world. It guarantees that the wood used by the bearer of the seal comes from sustainable and environmentally friendly forest management. The FSC, an independent, non-profit non-governmental organization, was founded in 1993 as a result of the Environment and Development conference in Rio de Janeiro. Today, the FSC is represented by national working groups in over 80 countries.

Another important certification system is the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC), which certifies sustainable practices after taking into account various ecological, social and economic factors. This approach enables the PEFC to assess a controlled processing chain, from certified forests to wood-processing companies to end products in retail and wholesale, and its endorsement of SWISS KRONO products reassures consumers that they were produced in an environmentally friendly manner.