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Convinced by the MAGNUMBOARD® OSB-System

18.10.2019 | Новини | SWISS KRONO Group

Berlin. The timber construction method is currently on vogue. Site manager Julien Oldengott working for license partner 3B TEC Holzbau GmbH took us on a tour of his construction site. We talked to him about his work and the advantages of the MAGNUMBOARD® OSB system.

We arrive early at the construction site. It is still quiet. In front of us lies the already completed basement. It starts to rain, so two construction workers quickly throw tarpaulin over a stack of OSB boards. Meanwhile, the crane operator concentrates on preparing his workspace. He pays meticulous attention to positioning the outriggers of the crane truck correctly. The first saw sounds from the inside of the shell. As if it were some kind of starting signal, other tools now make themselves heard as well, creating the typical soundscape of a construction site. Now the crane driver enters his cab. He carefully begins to lift the first Magnumboard. The fitters are already waiting on the upper floor to align and fix the wooden module with maximum precision. Through the entrance of the building, site manager Julien Oldengott greets us in a friendly manner. Together we find a quiet place to talk away from all the hubbub.

Mr. Oldengott, what kind of construction project is this?

A private house. To be more precise, we are building a modern detached house here. The special thing about the design is that it consists of two rectangular cuboids, which we stack staggered on top of one another, so to speak.

What were the special features of the planning and construction?

The second floor is staggered by 90° to the first floor. This requires a steel frame as a foundation for the upper floor. Due to the assembly requirements, the steel frame could only be assembled as a single piece. Because of the frame’s significant weight and enormous dimensions, this was the greatest challenge, both during assembly and during construction.

Apart from the steel frame, the building is made entirely of OSB. Do you focus on building with wood-based materials?

Yes, definitely! We work with timber construction, which is why we are convinced that it is best to use the MAGNUMBOARD® OSB system. We all have to reduce CO2 emissions to stop climate change. For us as building contractors, there is no alternative to wood as a renewable resource.

You mention the ecological benefit using of renewable wood, but what other advantages do derived timber products offer, in particular the MAGNUMBOARD® OSB system?

First of all, we are relatively unconstrained by the weather. We manage to meet our construction deadline even when it rains. This is due to the precisely fitted and complete nature of each element of the MAGNUMBOARD® OSB system. This production method makes extremely short overall construction times possible. The system has all the advantages of single-shell solid constructions and thus avoids weak points such as joints, material changes and building moisture. In addition, even demanding architectural solutions such as difficult floor plans or complicated dormers can be realized with less effort.

How much time will this construction take to install?

We will need about three working days to assemble the shell. We will use about 112 cubic meters of magnum board.