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BE.SAFE - The antimicrobial surface for all living spaces

07.09.2020 | Новини | SWISS KRONO Switzerland

Viruses, bacteria and fungi find extremely clever ways to get from one person to another. Transmission can occur not only through the air or through direct physical contact, but also by adhering to surfaces that are touched by many people. This happens in everyday situations, for example at reception desks in shops and hotels, at tables or counters in bars and restaurants, but also in places such as daycare centres, schools or retirement homes.

Until now, only antibacterial surfaces were available on the wood materials market. The newly developed BE.SAFE surface from SWISS KRONO with its triple protection is effective against viruses, bacteria and fungi for the first time. For this innovation, SWISS KRONO has collaborated with a company that is considered a pioneer in the development of materials and surfaces with antimicrobial properties.

Find out more at www.swisskrono.com/besafe.