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SWISS KRONO offers a wide range of diverse decors for designing interiors and furnishings


Diverse and innovative decors for any living area

Are you tired of boring colours in your home? Then you have come to the right place at SWISS KRONO. Our decors reinvigorate your living area with fresh colours. Our range is made up of an extensive selection of various decorative images and surface structures. We really do have something to suit everyone.

  • Decor Group
    • Design (42)
    • Fantasie (5)
    • Plain (73)
    • Unidekore Sanitär (2)
    • Weiss (3)
    • Wood (85)
  • Wood type
    • Acacia (2)
    • Alder (1)
    • Apple wood (2)
    • Ash (9)
    • Beech (5)
    • Birch (2)
    • Cherry wood (2)
    • Chestnut (3)
    • Coniferous wood (1)
    • Elm (9)
    • Fantasy design (20)
    • Fruit woods (1)
    • Horse chestnut (2)
    • Lime wood (4)
    • Maple (6)
    • Metallic look (4)
    • Miscellaneous types of wood (1)
    • Oak (21)
    • Pine (3)
    • Plain colour (74)
    • Stone look (1)
    • Teak (3)
    • Walnut (7)
    • Wenge (2)
  • Colours
    • Beige (40)
    • Black (12)
    • Blue (12)
    • Brown (80)
    • Charcoal (9)
    • Green (14)
    • Grey (60)
    • Medium brown (1)
    • Orange (9)
    • Pink (1)
    • Red (11)
    • Turquoise (1)
    • White (23)
    • Yellow (18)
  • Brightness
    • Bright (1)
    • Dark (41)
    • Light (69)
    • Medium (89)

Decors from SWISS KRONO – great selection and quality

All decors from SWISS KRONO are versatile and boast excellent surface structures such as impact and scratch resistance. Browse the categories in the SWISS KRONO ONE WORLD COLLECTION to find your dream decor:

  • Natural wood decors
  • Colourful one-colour decors
  • Stylish fantasy decors
  • Contemporary metallic decors
  • Authentic textured decors
  • Natural synchro decors
  • CamuStyle TX decors with a vintage look

In addition, we have extended our range exclusively for the Swiss market and created the ONE WORLD SWISS COLLECTION with 185 new stylish decors.

Our decors offer freedom for individuality and various areas of applications

All our decors are perfect for almost all base panels. They are very popular for furnishings and interiors. You can custom design furnishings, furniture elements and furniture fronts in your living areas, kitchens, bedrooms and children’s rooms. You can also install our products in public areas such as shops, hotels and restaurants. In addition, you can furnish all laminate floors in our flooring sector with different decors such as oak, walnut, pine and stone.

All SWISS KRONO decors blend stylishly and elegantly into your environment. What’s more, you can even display different effects in every living space. For example, the wood look has a calming effect, reduces stress and is often perceived as warm and cosy. But you can also create an individual atmosphere with colours in any room. Yellow rooms appear larger and promote concentration and creativity. This is why yellow is a popular choice for conference rooms or children’s rooms. Green, on the other hand, has a calming and harmonising effect, making it suitable for work spaces. Perhaps you also like stylish colours and patterns, such as metallic tones or our decors with a vintage design. There is no limit to your individuality and taste with our decors.