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  • SWISS KRONO Group announces new Corepel line of extremely durable, waterproof flooring

SWISS KRONO Group announces new Corepel line of extremely durable, waterproof flooring

27.04.2021 | SWISS KRONO Group

ZURICH, April 27, 2021—SWISS KRONO Group has set a new standard with their latest addition to their product line, Corepel—the highest standard in waterproof, resilient flooring. A first in the flooring market, Corepel contains a first-of-its-kind encapsulated wood core that is fully waterproof and extremely durable. 

“Corepel is a first for SWISS KRONO—and for the flooring market,” says SWISS KRONO Group CEO Martin Brettenthaler. “Corepel resolves the long-standing dilemma of finding a wood-based flooring product that is both waterproof and durable. At SWISS KRONO, we’re thrilled to have created such a product, with superior performance that sets a new standard in the category.”

Available in April 2021, Corepel reflects SWISS KRONO’s passion for wood, as it is comprised of over 50 percent wood—the highest share of renewable raw materials in the category. It retains the aesthetically-pleasing look of many natural materials like wood, stone, slate and marble, but an encapsulated wood core means it is fully waterproof. It uses high-performance resin at its core that ensures it does not absorb water or swell, maintaining a waterproof standard above and beyond others in its category. It also has best-in-class dimensional stability, which prevents damage due to shrinkage or expansion. 

With a truly superior performance, Corepel is five times stronger at its joints than its competitors. In lab tests, Corepel withstood a tensile force that exceeded 10 kN/m, equivalent to a weight of about 1 ton pulling on the click system.

The first to achieve the new Durable Eco Composite (DEC) standard, Corepel is also extremely stable and resistant to the scratches and dents that young children, pets, or broken vases might otherwise incur. Corepel achieves Class 32/33 and can withstand even extreme stress, with high scratch resistance as evidenced by MSR-A1/ A2 (EN16511:2019).

“People today lead very busy lives and they need flooring in their homes that can keep up with them,” explains SWISS KRONO CEO Martin Brettenthaler. “Corepel responds to that need with its enhanced stability and ability to stand up to everyday wear and tear.”

With unparalleled durability and extreme resistance, Corepel is a beautiful and functional addition to the SWISS KRONO product family, ideal for use in residential and light commercial interiors.
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