The SWISS KRONO Group was established in Switzerland in 1966 and is a family company with over 5000 employees and sites across the world.

Portrait of the Swiss SWISS KRONO Group

In 1966, Ernst Kaindl, an Austrian entrepreneur, founded the SWISS KRONO Group in Switzerland, more precisely in Menznau near Lucerne. Since then, the company has been growing continuously and constantly expanding its portfolio. More than 30 years ago, the plant in France was launched. Additional works were opened in Germany, Poland and the US.

The first plant in Ukraine was added at the turn of the millennium, followed by two more in the following years. Finally, subsidiaries in Russia were added and, most recently, in Hungary in 2016.

SWISS KRONO on course for international success

Thanks to the determination and foresight of Erich Kaindl, the SWISS KRONO Group has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of wood-based materials within just a few years. We are not only opening up new markets, but also constantly developing new products. The success is based not least on the fact that each plant can benefit from the knowledge and expertise of the other production sites. Always customer-oriented, the Group closes gaps in its product range and offers products of the highest quality and best availability around the world. Today, customers in over 121 countries benefit from the Group’s high-quality and wide range of products.

The SWISS KRONO Group – Innovative family business

The SWISS KRONO Group currently employs around 5,100 people. With their commitment and their willingness to break new ground, they all contribute to the success of the company. As a family-run company, the SWISS KRONO Group is aware of the value of this commitment that employees make every day.

This is the only reason why the products and services are renowned worldwide for the highest quality and long-term reliability. To ensure that this remains the case in the future, the Group is constantly investing in the maintenance and expansion of existing plants. The SWISS KRONO Group has the necessary knowledge and expertise to create new ideas from natural raw materials. This path into the future is also represented by Ines Kaindl, the second-generation Chairperson of the Administrative Board of the Group.

Focus on success is the yardstick for the actions of the SWISS KRONO Group. It begins with the selection of suitable wood in the forest, extends to production and naturally shapes our relationships with our customers. Only products that meet the Group’s strict quality criteria leave one of the ten plants in eight countries.

The SWISS KRONO Group manages the value chain – from purchasing wood to preparing wood to industrial processing. The focus is on using the resources used as efficiently as possible.

The Group keeps in mind the variety of decors, touch-and-feel possibilities and finishes of every kind, so that we can offer our customers what they expect from us at any time and anywhere in the world. The quality of SWISS KRONO products is based on the commitment and knowledge of our highly qualified and motivated employees.

It goes without saying that the SWISS KRONO Group meets the highest technical and strictest ecological requirements. Thanks to the Group’s tradition of customer-oriented solutions, we are driven by the need to offer added value for our customers at home and abroad. And the company strive every day to offer an attractive price/performance ratio all the time.

Our aim: Products from the SWISS KRONO Group should meet or exceed all our customers’ expectations – no matter whether that’s in terms of workmanship, usability, extraordinary living ambience or ecological standards.

The Group supplies specialist dealers competently and reliably with ecological wood-based materials. Processing companies, planners and end users are provided with comprehensive information and advice on the processing and properties of our products. On this basis, the trust our customers place in SWISS KRONO Group products has been growing for years. The SWISS KRONO Group wants to grow – without loss of quality. That is why the company is continuously optimising not only our product range, but of course also all production and business processes, both technically and ecologically. And this is not just the Group’s claim; its performance is checked continuously and confirmed in regular inspections by independent institutes.

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